Sophie - Great Food Tour

18 May 2019

My parents and myself did the food tour together with Parinita and we enjoyed it a lot to hear more about the different restaurants and their history in Cape Town. Parinita also made sure that our samples wouldn‘t be sold out by reserving them in the morning. Plus she was available for questions before the tour.  We highly recommend her - Thank you Parinita for the great tour.  

Gašper - A Perfect Start of Our Stay at Cape Town

18 April 2019

The food walk with Parinita was a perfect start to our few days' stay in Cape Town. She met us at our hotel and lead us through the centre of Cape Town for a few hours. We visited many places we wouldn't find or dare to enter otherwise, which turn out to be perfect foodie spots. On the way we also received basic information and orientation of the city. There was plenty of food, so do not eat anything in advance! :) During all the time Parinita was cheerful, helpful and in all aspects a great host. We highly recommend her!


4 Jun 2019

Parinita was an amazing guide on my recent visit to Cape Town. Other than her knowledge of the local and historical significance of places, she was able to help us navigate the local cusine and really get an appreciation of the varying lifestyles that Cape Townians life. Very enthusiastic person. A truly magical trip.


20 May 2019

Parinita is passionate about her work ethic to the extent that she goes out of her way to create a positive, customized and conducive experience! It did not take long for my kids to adapt and enjoy her company. Thank you for making our family trip a memorable one !

Kirit - Garden Route and Cape Town's Family Tour

27 February 2019

We have seen the best parts of South Africa with Parinita - it will be quite memorable!